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מלך כודין
codin melech

WIRED verse
Genesis 7:20
חמש עשרה אמה מלמעלה גברו המים ויכסו ההרים
Fifteen cubits upward did the waters prevail; and the mountains were covered.

Genesis 7:20
חמש עשרה אמה מלמעלה גברו המים ויכסו ההרים
Fifteen cubits upward did the waters prevail; and the mountains were covered.

Explanation מלך כודין MELECH CODIN


In the spiritual exploration of KING COWDIN, we delve into the ancient and profound wisdom contained within GOD's holy letters, aiming to reveal the deep spiritual connections and insights that his name embodies. This journey is designed to illuminate the divine essence and teachings within KING COWDIN, guiding him towards a path enriched with spiritual enlightenment and divine purpose.

Deeper Analysis and Spiritual Implications:

KING: The title "King" embodies sovereignty, leadership, and the responsibility of guiding and protecting a community or realm. It symbolizes an individual endowed with the qualities of wisdom, justice, and the moral fortitude to lead with righteousness and compassion.

  • Considering Names for KING in GOD's Holy Letters:

    • מלך (Melech) – Meaning "king" in Hebrew, it captures the essence of King's name, emphasizing his potential for spiritual leadership, the guidance of others towards enlightenment, and the embodiment of divine qualities in governance and stewardship.

COWDIN: While Cowdin does not have a direct biblical correlation, its unique sound and composition invite exploration of meanings that could reflect qualities of strength, stability, and the nurturing of community.

  • Considering Names for COWDIN:

    • בוצר (Botzer) – Meaning "vintner" or "gatherer of grapes" in Hebrew, it suggests someone who cultivates, gathers, and nourishes, symbolizing Cowdin's potential role in nurturing and supporting the growth of his community, much like a vintner tends to a vineyard, ensuring its flourishing and the production of fine wine.
Original Bible Verses:

For מלך (Melech):

  • Psalms 47:7 (תהילים מז ז): "כי מלך כל הארץ אלהים זמרו משכיל"
    • JPS: "For God is the King of all the earth; sing ye praises with understanding."

For בוצר (Botzer):

  • Isaiah 27:2 (ישעיה כז ב): "ביום ההוא כרם חמד ענו לה"
    • JPS: "In that day, sing ye unto her, A vineyard of wine."
Our Recommendation:

After deep contemplation, מלך בוצר (MELECH BOTZER) is affirmed for KING COWDIN. This name beautifully combines the essence of sovereign leadership and spiritual guidance represented by מלך (Melech) with the nurturing and supportive role symbolized by בוצר (Botzer). KING COWDIN is thus envisioned as a leader who not only guides with wisdom and justice but also nurtures and supports the spiritual growth and wellbeing of his community, like a vintner who tends to his vineyard with care and dedication.

KING COWDIN is called to embrace his journey with the authority of a king and the nurturing spirit of a vintner, making impactful strides through his embodiment of divine leadership and his commitment to fostering a community that flourishes under his guidance and care. The synthesis of מלך (MELECH) and בוצר (BOTZER) encapsulates his essence, suggesting a path filled with righteous leadership, communal growth, and the joyful celebration of spiritual achievements.


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