Helping the good cause of bringing the world closer to the true God and his original Bible, and terminally ill cancer patients & their families.


Those that care to adopt our good case of helping terminally ill cancer patients and their families and revealing the original Bible, are our ANGELS.

Destiny Albritton גורל אלבריטון

Read entire chapters of the Bible with me!

Maryann Trainer מריאן טריינר

Maryann holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Master’s degree in Marriage & Family Counseling from Liberty University. She is also certified in Partner Betrayal Trauma and is a Pastoral Counselor through AASAT. Maryann is an author, international speaker, military veteran, and the founder of Broken No More Ministries and CEO of Maryann Trainer Counseling, Inc.

Destiny The Wonderful

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Anna Juravin

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Levia Juravin

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