HOY zone, Inc (EIN 93-1872841) is a 501(c)3 public charity. Our nonprofit empower individuals to enhance their lives by connecting with the true GOD through the original Bible and its code. We are dedicated to educating people through stylish and contemporary means, fostering higher spirituality and enabling them to lead more purposeful lives.
Your purchase is a donation. Our nonprofit, together with Original Bible Foundation, channel the proceeds to benefit terminally ill cancer patients and families needing to know: “what’s after death?” so they can make a critical decision. The answer is coded in the original Bible.

Divine Donations

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We need your help. Your donation can enable us to provide answers to life’s most fundamental questions: What is our purpose? What happens after death? And we can teach the world how to develop a higher spiritual connection with GOD without religion.


What’s after death? What’s humanity’s purpose?

Help humanity find answers to life’s biggest questions. What is our purpose? How can we be good people? How can we get closer to GOD? Your donation will allow us to teach the world a deeper, spiritual connection with GOD that transcends religion.