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HOY 45
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Identity verse
Genesis 13:8
ויאמר אברם אל לוט אל נא תהי מריבה ביני ובינך ובין רעי ובין רעיך כי אנשים אחים אנחנו
And Abram said unto Lot: ‘Let there be no strife I pray thee between me and thee and between my herdmen and thy herdmen; for we are brethren.

Genesis 48:2
ויגד ליעקב ויאמר הנה בנך יוסף בא אליך ויתחזק ישראל וישב על המטה
And one told Jacob and said: ‘Behold thy son Joseph cometh unto thee.’ And Israel strengthened himself and sat upon the bed.

Explanation יואל יער YOEL YAAR

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The surname Holth is of Norwegian and Danish origin, and here are some key points about the name:
  • Derived from the Old Norse word "holtr," meaning "hollow" or " valley."
  • Originally referred to someone who lived in a hollow or valley.
  • In Norway and Denmark, the name Holth is most commonly found in the eastern and southern regions.
  • The name Holth symbolizes connection to the land and a sense of place.
In Hebrew, the equivalent of Holth could be חולת (Cholt), which is a phonetic transliteration of the name.
Some possible Hebrew names with similar meanings to Holth are:
  • גיא (Gai) - means "valley"
  • שפלה (Sheflah) - means "lowland" or "valley"
  • נחלה (Nachalah) - means "inheritance" or "land"
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    Yes, the surname Holth can also be related to the word "forest" in Norwegian and Danish. In Old Norse, the word "holt" meant "forest" or "wood", and the surname Holth may have originally referred to someone who lived near a forest or worked as a forester.
    In Hebrew, the equivalent of Holth meaning "forest" could be יער (Ya'ar), which means "forest" or "woods".
    Some possible Hebrew names with similar meanings to Holth (meaning "forest") are:
    • יער (Ya'ar) - means "forest" or "woods"
    • עץ (Etz) - means "tree"
    • חורש (Chorash) - means "forest" or "thicket"

      Root and Meaning of "Holth"

      The name "Holth" is not widely documented, but it appears to have Germanic or Scandinavian roots. It may be derived from the word "holt," which means "a small wood or grove of trees." This interpretation associates the name with nature, growth, and stability.

      Equivalent in the Original Bible's Language

      Based on the meaning of "Holth" as related to a small wood or grove of trees, here are three potential equivalents in GOD's holy letters, considering the concepts of nature, growth, and stability:

      1. יַעַר (Ya'ar) - This name means "forest" or "wood," reflecting the idea of a grove of trees.
      2. אֵלָה (Elah) - Meaning "oak" or "terebinth," a type of sturdy tree, aligning with the concept of strength and stability.
      3. נָטַע (Nata) - This name means "to plant," capturing the essence of growth and connection to nature.

      Optional Names in GOD's Holy Letters of the Original Bible

      1. יַעַר (Ya'ar) - Directly translates to "forest" or "wood," making it a fitting equivalent for the concept of a grove of trees.
      2. אֵלָה (Elah) - Reflects strength and stability through the image of a sturdy tree.
      3. נָטַע (Nata) - Emphasizes planting and growth, suitable for capturing the essence of connection to nature.

      Internal Debate:

      • Ya'ar emphasizes the idea of a forest or wood, aligning perfectly with the meaning of Holth.
      • Elah focuses on the strength and stability of a sturdy tree, making it a strong equivalent.
      • Nata highlights the concept of planting and growth, capturing the connection to nature.

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