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יוחננה רועה
roeh yochananah

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Genesis 17:12
ובן שמנת ימים ימול לכם כל זכר לדרתיכם יליד בית ומקנת כסף מכל בן נכר אשר לא מזרעך הוא
And he that is eight days old shall be circumcised among you every male throughout your generations he that is born in the house or bought with money of any foreigner that is not of thy seed.

Genesis 17:12
ובן שמנת ימים ימול לכם כל זכר לדרתיכם יליד בית ומקנת כסף מכל בן נכר אשר לא מזרעך הוא
And he that is eight days old shall be circumcised among you every male throughout your generations he that is born in the house or bought with money of any foreigner that is not of thy seed.

Explanation יוחננה רועה YOCHANANAH ROEH


In Jerusalem, a city where ancient spiritual currents flow through the modern day, Team Jerusalem embarks on a journey to uncover the essence of JEAN HERDER. Utilizing the sacred language of the Bible, this exploration aims to decipher the spiritual blueprints within her name, offering insights that guide her towards a deeper understanding of her spiritual path and divine purpose.

In-Depth Analysis and Spiritual Implications:

JEAN: Jean, derived from John, meaning "God is gracious," carries deep spiritual connotations of grace, benevolence, and divine favor. It reflects a life touched by the generosity of the divine, calling for a recognition of spiritual gifts and the responsibility to share these blessings with others.

  • Biblical Reflection for JEAN: Reflecting its spiritual essence of divine grace, יוחנן (Yochanan) in GOD's holy letters, meaning "Jehovah has been gracious," captures the essence of Jean’s name. Yochanan signifies the graciousness of God’s gifts and the impact of divine grace in shaping her life’s path, emphasizing Jean Herder's potential to experience and extend grace throughout her spiritual journey.

HERDER: Herder, directly relating to one who tends or guides flocks, symbolizes guidance, care, and stewardship. It embodies the role of a protector and caretaker, highlighting qualities of leadership and responsibility towards others.

  • Spiritual Reflection for HERDER: Embracing the essence of guidance and care, רועה (Ro'eh), meaning "shepherd" in GOD's holy letters, encapsulates the spirit of Herder’s journey. Ro'eh signifies the leadership and protective care involved in guiding and nurturing others, resonating with Jean Herder's role in fostering a community or family, guiding them with wisdom and compassion.

Divine Personality Traits and Biblical Inspiration:

Drawing from the scriptures, Team Jerusalem identifies the spiritual essence of JEAN HERDER (יוחנן רועה):

For יוחנן (Yochanan) and רועה (Ro'eh):

  • John 10:11 (New Testament): "I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep."
    • While this verse is from the New Testament, it resonates deeply with the role of a shepherd, emphasizing the dedication and selflessness required in leadership and care, mirroring Jean Herder's potential to lead and protect those in her charge with integrity and grace.


JEAN HERDER is encouraged to embrace the qualities of divine grace and nurturing guidance represented by יוחנן (Yochanan) and רועה (Ro'eh). She is called to acknowledge and utilize the divine grace in her life, channeling it into her roles of leadership and care. Jean is reminded of her capacity to influence and inspire, guiding those around her towards spiritual growth and well-being with the wisdom and compassion of a shepherd.

In her journey, JEAN HERDER unites the essence of divine graciousness with the responsibility of a shepherd, crafting a path that reflects a commitment to spreading grace, guiding others, and nurturing a community or family. Her path is one of spiritual depth, leadership, and compassionate care, illuminated by the divine wisdom and grace that guide her steps towards fulfilling her unique purpose within the divine plan.


Genesis 17:12 (בראשית יז:יב):

"וּבֶן־שְׁמֹנַת יָמִים יִמּוֹל לָכֶם כָּל־זָכָר לְדֹרֹתֵיכֶם יְלִיד בַּיִת וּמִקְנַת כָּסֶף מִכָּל־בֶּן־נֵכָר אֲשֶׁר לֹא מִזַּרְעֲךָ הוּא"

Translation (JPS 1917): "And he that is eight days old shall be circumcised among you, every male throughout your generations, he that is born in the house, or bought with money of any stranger, which is not of thy seed."

This verse not only specifies a physical sign of the covenant (circumcision) but also underscores the elements of inclusion, identity, and continuity across generations. Circumcision is established as a lasting mark of belonging to the Abrahamic covenant, reflecting commitment to a shared spiritual heritage and the values it upholds.

Background and Divine Hints:

The Covenant with Abraham: Genesis 17 describes God’s covenant with Abraham, a foundational moment in biblical history, where God promises to make Abraham the father of many nations and to maintain an everlasting covenant with his descendants. The stipulation of circumcision on the eighth day of a male child's life signifies a permanent mark of this covenant, binding each generation to their forefather's commitment.

Analyzing and Applying Each Element to Yochananah Ro'eh:

Commitment to Spiritual Community:

  • Circumcision as a sign of the covenant stresses the importance of visible commitments in maintaining and expressing one's spiritual identity. For יוחננה רועה, this emphasizes the role of personal commitments in her spiritual life—how her actions, choices, and pledges reflect her bond to her faith and community.

Inclusion and Continuity:

  • The practice extends to every male, both born in the house and bought with money, highlighting inclusivity within the covenant community. This aspect encourages יוחננה רועה to foster inclusivity and continuity in her endeavors, ensuring that her actions help weave a cohesive community fabric, embracing all, regardless of their origins.

Identity and Heritage:

  • The act serves as a reminder of one's heritage and the ongoing relationship with it. יוחננה רועה is called to cherish and uphold her spiritual heritage, using it as a foundation for her life decisions and as a guide for nurturing future generations.

Practical Guidance for Yochananah Ro'eh:

  1. Embrace and Fulfill Commitments: Reflect on the commitments that define your spiritual identity. Engage deeply with these practices, understanding that they are not just personal but link you to a broader spiritual narrative.

  2. Promote Inclusivity: Actively work to include others in your community and spiritual practices. Recognize the value of every individual, fostering a welcoming environment that honors diverse backgrounds yet unites under common spiritual goals.

  3. Uphold and Pass on Heritage: Be a custodian of your spiritual heritage. Educate and inspire those around you about the values and traditions that have shaped your journey. Encourage the younger generation to connect with these enduring values, ensuring the continuity of your spiritual lineage.

Through Genesis 17:12, יוחננה רועה is invited to navigate her spiritual journey with a firm commitment to her community's values and practices, ensuring the perpetuation of these traditions through inclusive and thoughtful leadership. Her path is marked by the grace of divine guidance, the responsibility of heritage, and the wisdom to foster a future that honors the past while embracing the present.

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