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אלישבע רמונים
rimonim elisheva

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Genesis 27:31
ויעש גם הוא מטעמים ויבא לאביו ויאמר לאביו יקם אבי ויאכל מציד בנו בעבר תברכני נפשך
And he also made savoury food and brought it unto his father; and he said unto his father: ‘Let my father arise and eat of his son’s venison that thy soul may bless me.’

Genesis 27:31
ויעש גם הוא מטעמים ויבא לאביו ויאמר לאביו יקם אבי ויאכל מציד בנו בעבר תברכני נפשך
And he also made savoury food and brought it unto his father; and he said unto his father: ‘Let my father arise and eat of his son’s venison that thy soul may bless me.’

Explanation אלישבע רמונים ELISHEVA RIMONIM


In Jerusalem, where spiritual depth permeates the very air, Team Jerusalem delves into the divine essence of ELIZABETH GRANADOS. Employing the divine language in GOD's holy letters from the original Bible, this exploration seeks to decode the spiritual blueprints within her name, guiding her towards a deeper connection with her spiritual journey and divine purpose.

Name Origins and Meanings:

ELIZABETH: Elizabeth, from the Hebrew אֱלִישֶׁבַע (Elisheva), means "God is my oath." This name is deeply rooted in biblical tradition, symbolizing a steadfast commitment to faith and a covenant with God.

Proposed Original Bible Name for ELIZABETH:

  • אֱלִישֶׁבַע (Elisheva) - Directly translating to "God is my oath" in GOD's holy letters, this name underscores a life guided by divine commitment and spiritual fidelity.

GRANADOS: Granados, a Spanish surname, means "pomegranate trees." Pomegranates are rich in biblical symbolism, representing fruitfulness, knowledge, and the beauty of righteousness.

Proposed Original Bible Name for GRANADOS:

  • רִמּוֹנִים (Rimonim) - Meaning "pomegranates" in GOD's holy letters, reflecting themes of abundance, wisdom, and the flourishing of spiritual gifts.

In-Depth Analysis and Spiritual Implications:

For ELIZABETH (אֱלִישֶׁבַע):

  • In-Depth Analysis: The name Elisheva suggests a profound dedication to spiritual promises and the responsibilities they entail. Elizabeth may find herself naturally inclined towards roles that require integrity, leadership, and a nurturing spirit.
  • Spiritual Implications: Elizabeth’s path might involve uplifting others through her steadfast faith and commitment, possibly in roles that include teaching, counseling, or community leadership, where her spiritual integrity can serve as a cornerstone for her actions.

For GRANADOS (רִמּוֹנִים):

  • In-Depth Analysis: The symbolic meaning of Rimonim as pomegranates points to Elizabeth's potential to nurture and propagate spiritual and intellectual growth within her community. This could suggest her involvement in enriching the lives of others through education, mentorship, or spiritual guidance.
  • Spiritual Implications: Embracing the fertility symbolized by pomegranates, Elizabeth is encouraged to foster environments where ideas, wisdom, and spirituality can flourish, impacting her community positively and leaving a legacy of growth and enrichment.

Consideration for ELIZABETH GRANADOS:

Reflecting on the profound implications of her names as explored by Team Jerusalem, ELIZABETH GRANADOS is encouraged to harness her innate qualities of divine commitment (אֱלִישֶׁבַע) and fruitful wisdom (רִמּוֹנִים) as she navigates her spiritual journey. By integrating these attributes, Elizabeth is well-prepared to impact positively those around her, fostering a legacy of spiritual depth and intellectual richness. This exploration of her names guides her to cultivate a path that honors her abilities to guide, teach, and inspire, unfolding her divine purpose on a path illuminated by the teachings and grace found in the original Bible.



Original Bible Verse (בראשית כז:לא): "וַיַּעַשׂ גַּם-הוּא מַטְעַמִּים וַיָּבֵא לְאָבִיו וַיֹּאמֶר לְאָבִיו יָקוּם אָבִי וְיֹאכַל מִצֵּיד בְּנוֹ בַעֲבוּר תְּבָרֲכֵנִי נַפְשֶׁךָ." (Translation: "He also had made savory meat, and brought it unto his father, and said unto his father, 'Let my father arise, and eat of his son's venison, that thy soul may bless me.'")

Background and Context:

This verse describes Jacob, disguised as his brother Esau, bringing the prepared meal to his father Isaac in order to receive the blessing meant for the firstborn. This act of deception leads to Jacob receiving the critical blessing from Isaac, which significantly influences the future of their family and fulfills part of the divine plan laid out for Jacob.

In-Depth Analysis and Spiritual Implications:


  • In-Depth Analysis: This passage illustrates the complex dynamics of blessings, deceit, and destiny. For Elizabeth, this might symbolize the importance of the intentions behind actions and the consequences they can bring. It underscores the necessity of aligning actions with ethical and spiritual truths, even in the pursuit of legitimate goals.
  • Spiritual Implications: Elizabeth is encouraged to consider the ethical implications of her decisions and actions, especially those with significant consequences for herself and others. The story highlights the importance of seeking and providing blessings in a manner that is truthful and in accordance with one's values.

Practical Guidance for ELIZABETH GRANADOS:

  1. Integrity in Pursuit of Goals:

    • Like the complex narrative of Jacob's blessing, Elizabeth should strive to achieve her objectives with integrity. This involves making choices that not only lead to success but also uphold her moral and ethical standards.
  2. Reflection on the Means and Ends:

    • Reflect on how the means by which you achieve your goals can impact their legitimacy and the spiritual harmony of your life. Ensuring that your actions are justifiable and align with your spiritual and ethical beliefs is crucial.
  3. Seeking and Granting Blessings Thoughtfully:

    • Be mindful when seeking or granting blessings or when in positions of influence. Consider the long-term effects and the true benefit of your actions on others, aiming to act with wisdom and compassion.

Consideration for ELIZABETH GRANADOS:

Genesis 27:31 not only provides a narrative filled with familial and ethical complexities but also serves as a profound reminder of the responsibilities associated with seeking blessings and making impactful decisions. ELIZABETH GRANADOS is encouraged to reflect on this scripture as she contemplates the alignment of her actions with her spiritual and ethical convictions. By embracing the lessons of this verse, Elizabeth is guided to enhance her approach to decision-making and leadership, promoting a legacy of integrity and righteousness. This insight supports her in developing a thoughtful and principled approach to her roles and responsibilities, fostering a legacy that resonates with spiritual depth and moral clarity.

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