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Frequently asked questions

Discovering your Biblical name

You have a Biblical name in God’s holy letters of the original Bible. Your Biblical name is decoded with your Bible verse and life-path. You are here for that reason.

Our nonprofit

Our mission is to empower individuals to enhance their lives by connecting with the true GOD through the original Bible and its code. We are dedicated to educating people through stylish and contemporary means, fostering higher spirituality and enabling them to lead more purposeful lives. HOY zone, Inc. (EIN 93-1872841) works exclusively with the Original Bible Foundation, the world’s leaders in decoding the original Bible to discover God’s messaging to humanity. Together, we create the world’s most meaningful wear.

What is the original Bible?

All the human-translated “Bibles” originated from the very one original Bible, which is the WORD OF GOD: one string of 1,197,000 Hebrew letters that is coded with GOD’s messaging to humanity but is not convenient to read. The original Bible was created by adding spaces to divide it into 305,490 words, 23,206 verses, 929 chapters, and 39 books. Source: code2GOD.org


Elizabeth originated from the original Bible name Elisheva אלישבע with code2GOD of 413. Elisheva means “Devoted to God; Pledged to God” and was the wife of Aaron Exodus 6:23

James originated from the original Bible Genesis 25:19 name יעקב Yaakov (Jacob) to Greek Iakobos, then to Latin Iacobus, then French Jacques, and finally to the English name James. יעקב code2GOD is 182.

Last names have less original Bible origination.

Powers in your Biblical name

God encoded each of the 22 Biblical letters with a unique number from 1 to 400. Each full name, therefore, carries a meaningful code directing to one original Bible verse out of 23,206. This verse can represent who you are or/and your life path. Example: God changes Sarai’s שרי name to Sarah שרה, so she would be able to get pregnant, and so she did. The name and its code impact destiny. Example: the name Jacob יעקב, meaning “supplanter” or “heel-grabber,” was transformed by God into Israel ישראל (code2GOD 541), meaning “one who strives with God.” This change occurred after Jacob wrestled with an angel and displayed his determination and resilience. The new name represented Jacob’s transformation, signifying his spiritual journey and his new identity as the father of the twelve tribes of Israel. These examples illustrate how the power within the biblical name codes reflects divine intervention, personal growth, and the fulfillment of God’s purpose.

❤️ Jesus & Moses

Jesus, who had a direct connection to God, would appreciate the focus of HOY zone on relying solely on the original Bible and utilizing code2GOD to understand and connect with God. Jesus trusted in God but opposed religious manipulation.

To draw closer to God, HOY zone emphasizes the significance of relying on the original Bible, which was divinely created and coded. Human translations may contain flaws and lack the true essence. For example, the King James Version (KJV) introduced the term “unicorns” instead of accurately translating the animal as “oryx” in the original Bible. Similarly, the use of “heavens” in KJV, instead of “skies,” inaccurately portrays the earth as “hell.”

Many religions manipulate the original Bible to suit their own narratives, akin to marketing tactics employed by brand names. HOY zone respects religions that present the source without manipulation or fear-based strategies.

Deep reverence is held for Jesus, Moses, and all messengers and representatives of God.