Cooking with Faith, Serving with Love

Both the standard (polyester) and premium (100% cotton) versions feature two handy pockets for added convenience. The chef hat is simply splendid. As for the work/craft apron, its robust canvas material comes equipped with multiple pockets and loops, elevating your craft to a divine level. It’s as if you’re working with divine guidance right by your side.

“In the kitchen of life, there are moments when everything feels like a jumbled recipe, but that’s where the magic happens. Finding the miraculous blend of trust in God and embracing your creativity is the secret ingredient that turns every challenge into a delicious success story.”

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Discover the coded Biblical name of:
Choose the name that best resonates with this individual: the name they most identify with, are best known for, or commonly use. Provide only ONE first and ONE last name that represents who you are. We will use the first & last provided words and ignore middle.

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Discover HOYzone’s curated collection of spiritually-empowering aprons, designed for all your culinary and crafting endeavors.

Apron Reg

Crafted from durable 100% polyester, this unisex easy-to-care-for apron is a blend of style and functionality, good for everyday cooking tasks.

Apron Premium

Two deep pockets. Made from 100% soft, breathable cotton, this premium apron offers superior comfort and longevity, designed for those who value quality in their kitchen experience. HOYzone Apron Premium

Set: Apron + chef hat

This impressive upscale set offers a coordinated look with a two-pocket apron and matching chef hat, ideal for aspiring cooks looking for a harmonized kitchen appearance. The Reg set comes with the Reg apron and the Premium set includes the Premium 100% cotton apron.

Chef hat

Your decoded Biblical name on this chef hat (65%/35% polyester/cotton) with elastic in the back for comfort (one size fits most).  
  1. Work & Craft Apron Reg: Designed with robust 100% canvas, this apron is your go-to for all your crafting and workbench projects, offering ample pocket space for all your tools.
  2. Work & Craft Apron Premium: Experience the best in craftwork with our thicker 100% canvas apron, tailored for extended durability and functionality, providing added strength for heavy-duty tasks.
Upgrade to HOYzone’s spiritually meaningful aprons, each product customizable with your unique Biblical name and spiritual message. A must-have for anyone seeking to combine practicality with spiritual enrichment.
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Work/Craft Apron

Unisex fit this 30″ x 27″ canvas apron features 60″ straps and a crossbody middle support on the back that helps you find a secure, supportive fit for optimal sizing high-quality apron for women and men offer ultimate versatility and utility in and outside your home. They can be used for kitchen cooking, garden harvesting, barbers, hair stylists, woodworkers, and more. Heavy-Duty, Waterdrop Resistant Material – Ideal for hobbyists and professionals alike these Waterdrop Resistant aprons help repel liquids, dirt, and messes when you’re working hard, cleaning up, or enjoying arts, crafts, and hobbies for long-lasting reusability.
  • Accessible Front Pocket Storage – This versatile apron with pockets features plenty of convenient storage pockets for storing things like tools, pens, pencils, cooking utensils, a smartphone, and other hands-on essentials that help with your work.
  • Protects Clothes from Spills or Stains – A lightweight, durable design, our vintage aprons can help better protect clothing and fabric underneath from potential stains, discoloration, or other messes, so you can wear it both indoors and outdoors.
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The creation of your blessed HOY Zone wear takes 5-7 days of a collaborative process between our Jerusalem and Florida teams. 1. The Jerusalem Biblical scholars unearth your Biblical name in God’s holy letters. 2. The Florida team applies the patented code2GOD to decode your name, scanning the 23,206 original Bible verses to find the one that aligns with your name’s code & life path. 3. Our nonprofit designs your unique wear, the world’s holiest attire, with your original Biblical name, verse, and life path, fostering an intimate closer2GOD experience.

HOY הוי (YHW) is 3 letters anagram of the four letters that make GOD’s holiest name יהוה (YHWH).
Learn: God vs Lord (YHWH):
Elohim אלהים is a generic term for “god” or “gods” in the original Bible, emphasizing the greatness and power of God. YHWH (Yahweh יהוה) is the specific, personal name of God, reflecting a unique and intimate relationship with the people. The name YHWH יהוה is derived from the Hebrew verb roots of היה (hayah, “was”), הווה (hoveh, “is”), and יהיה (yihyeh, “will be”), symbolizing God’s eternal nature and continuous presence in past, present, and future. While Elohim highlights God’s majesty, YHWH יהוה underscores the sacredness and direct intervention in human affairs.

Our mission is to empower individuals to enhance their lives by connecting with the true GOD through the original Bible and its code. We are dedicated to educating people through stylish and contemporary means, fostering higher spirituality and enabling them to lead more purposeful lives. HOY zone, Inc. EIN 93-1872841 HOY zone society works exclusively with the Original Bible Foundation, the world’s leaders in decoding the original Bible to discover God’s messaging to humanity. Together, we create the world’s most meaningful wear.

All the human-translated “Bibles” originated from the very one original Bible, which is the WORD OF GOD: one string of 1,197,000 Hebrew letters that is coded with GOD’s messaging to humanity but is not convenient to read. The original Bible was created by adding spaces to divide it into 305,490 words, 23,206 verses, 929 chapters, and 39 books. Source: code2GOD.org

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success comes to those who embrace God’s holy letters of the original Bible

Before embarking on your spiritual journey, ask yourself why do you seek closeness to GOD:
Materialistic Desires? If your goal is purely material or self-centered, explore “How to make your prayers effective?” below. Don’t feel improper for wanting to have more.
Genuine Connection? If you sincerely seek God’s love and understanding, Holy Land Man is your guide on the path of “LOVING GOD WITHOUT RELIGION.”

  1. Effort first: Strive and then seek God’s aid (“hishtadlut” השתדלות in the original Bible). Don’t treat God as a magician but as a big helper. Thoughts don’t replace actions.
  2. Vocal prayers: Speak your wishes aloud (when alone), be concise, and use vivid imagery. Holding a picture when praying is helpful. It’s better to pray in God’s language which, as stated in above in #1, shows God that you are making a genuine effort.
  3. Connect with God: Use the service by Holy Land Man, the inventor of the sacred code2GOD, who will translate your prayer into God’s language for you. Sometimes, Holy Land Man, who was born in close proximity to Jesus’ birth place and speaks the same language as Jesus, will also carry a prayer for you.
  4. Personal prayers; a sacred connection:  Remember, prayer is a deeply personal connection between you and the divine. It’s not a tool for intervening in someone else’s fate or imposing your will on their life. Respect the sanctity of individual prayers as they reflect personal journeys, desires, and relationships with God. Let your prayers be sincere and unselfish, aligning with the true essence of your faith.